Charlotte Hjorth-Rohde was born in 1961 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She trained as a graphic designer, graduating from the Graphic Arts Institute (Danish School of Media & Journalism) in 1985.
It was her meeting with the Swedish photographer Anders Petersen that became the vital turning-point in her career.

Viewing life as it is, finding the instincs, dreams and longings we share in common.

In 2000, therefore, she left her job as an art director in the fashion trade to become a student at FATAMORGANA, the Danish School of Art Photography, run by Morten Bo.

In 2004, in association with Fotografisk Center, she published the book "Hovering in the dark", a series of lyrical pictures from the Pantomime Theatre. The project received the “Artists’ Summer Exhibition” or KS Prize and has been on display in several locations in France.

In 2004-2005 she resided in Paris and was attached to the French group "atelier Reflexe", led by Véronique Bourgoin and the photographer Antoine d'Agata.
In addition to the group’s annual publications, the book entitled "EU women" appeared in 2007.

In 2006 Charlotte Hjorth-Rohde was awarded a working bursary from the Danish Arts Foundation, enabling her to explore various graphic/photographic techniques at, among others, "Imprimerie Clot, Bramsen & Georges" in Paris.

Her encounter with the Italian "Obiettivo Granieri" and her life in Sicily were published in 2009 in the book "Unnisi".

In 2011 and 2012 she will be participating in the international project "Vrai ou Faux", which in addition to exhibitions around Europe will be rounded off with the publication of a book.

Charlotte Hjorth-Rohde is attached to Fatamorgana in a teaching capacity.